in 4/5 stone we have had a great time doing since and it is good to have a manger and speakers And derekter and here is some stuff we have been learning about solids and liquid

 about liquid we Where looking for what is liquid

i will give you a list of stuff

dish washing liquid, plaster past, flower, shaving cream, vegetable oil, play doh, oil spray, curried cream, soap, toothpaste, shampoo sticky date

2 about solids

we wrote on a pes of paper about solids

rubber banes, stone,  soap, wood, craones, rice,husk, sponge

from latesha

The crayons that never got used

The crayons sat there for seconds, for minutes, days, weeks, months, years. Infact they were given to Alex’s mother when she was in grade prep but she never found the urge to use them. Alex’s family suddenly decided to go on a holiday, so they packed their bags immediately, but they only had a certain amount of room for there luggage. Alex’s mother wanted to make sure that she packed some activates for Alex to do on there way. When looking, she came across the crayons so she cucked them  in her bag. and whent to go tell Alex’s dad she packed the crayons in her bag. they are going to there holiday, to get a week away from mean people and having fun. they don’t wory about anyone

they took 2 hours to get there on train and they on a plane ,on a bout they had fun on the way. they get out of the train and they were there. they got to the hotel and they looked  thorw it. there was a pool and they jumped in it they splashed them all they had fun for 2 weeks. later  they had to go home to go see there parents and nan.

At home Alex is using the crayons too much . They re getting so small. They are sad Alex is sad to so she asked her mum to buy her a box of crayons. she thou her other ones  out and the story being again

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